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Positioning systems are the economic solution for applications, where simple but precise motion sequences have to be realized.

Due to the manifold combination possibilities of linear, rotary, angular adjustment and tilt stages, goniometers as well as fine-thread and micrometer screws in the most different specifications, a large application area is covered.

Adapter plates allow additional assembling possibilities. Therefore, a multitude of applications is possible, also beyond the standardized system heights of 40 mm, 65 mm and 105 mm.


Linear Stages
OWIS provides a variety of Linear Stages such as:

  • Miniature Translation Stage
  • Translation Stage
  • Precision Linear Stages
  • Measuring Stage
  • Non-magnetic Measuring Stage

XY Stages
OWIS provides a variety of XY Stages such as:

  • Miniature XY Stage
  • Non Magnetic Miniature XY Stage
  • XY Stage KT 65, 90, 150

Elevator Stages - HV 60/HV 100
The proven elevator stages of the series HV 60 and HV 100 have a compact design and a broad range of both R&D and industrial applications. The special guidance provides a virtually slip-stick free motion as well as a high load capacity. All aluminium parts have a top-quality black anodized protective coating.

  • low height
  • travel range 12mm (HV 60) and 30mm (HV 100)
  • high strength aluminum alloy
  • preloaded rolling element guides

Rotary Stages
OWIS provides Rotary Stages and Rotary Adjustment stages.

The rotary stage DT 40 provides an unlimited azimuth. It is equipped with a precision worm gear drive and a zero-backlash prestressed rolling bearing. Also available are rotary stages DT 65, 100 and 130.

The rotary adjustment stages allows an unlimited rotation, with or without zero-backlash. The large aperture allows the users to hold large optics with special adapters.

Angular Adjustment Stages

Angular adjustment stages come in 3 kinds: WV 40, 60 and 100.

The angular adjustment stage WV 40 combines manual rough adjustment (360°) with an angular fine adjustment driven by micrometers.

The angular adjustment stage WV 60 and 100 is suitable for combined rough adjustment and high-resolution fine adjustment.

OWIS provides a variety of goniometers for your specific applications:

  • Goniometer GO 40
  • Goniometer GO 65S
  • Goniometer GO 65L
  • Goniometer GO 90
  • Theta-Pi Goniometer TP65
  • Theta-Pi Goniometer TP90

Micrometers / Fine Pitch Screws
OWIS micrometers possess hardened and precisely ground spindles. Thimble and sleeve are matt chrome plated and therefore offer greatest possible contrast to the scale.

OWIS fine-thread screws have as thrust piece a hardened steel ball which is embedded in the spindle. Thus, these screws are particularly used as precise actuators.

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